Projects and References (engl.)

Projects and References (engl.)Since 2002 I’m working with different bands, musicians, agencies and labels. I gained experiences in Album- & Tour Promotion, Social Media Management / Marketing, Band management and I was on Tour with several bands to promote their concerts via Social Media. Every time when I’m at live shows, I try to take live photos and if I can share some useful information for bands and musicians, I publish them in my weblog to share my experiences.

I can cover everything that is required in the online and marketing sector: from the development of websites including on-site SEO, social media, community development and management, marketing, fan support, photography (especially live), tour guides etc.

I managed the official J.B.O. Fan Club 2008 – 2011 and now I’m taking care of the official Steel Panther Fan Club Steel Panther Fans /

Social Media-, Community- & Content-Manager, SEO, Online-Marketing (Brand-Marketing), Artist Promotion, Fan-Artist-Interaction, Tour- & PR-Assistance, Music Journalist.


Public Relations and Social Media Manager

Editorial work for the music webzine, chief editor since 2005. Priorities of editorial work: news, concert photography, reviews, studio reports and interviews. In addition: user care and support.

Administration of the venue music projects “Live Music Saar” & “Live Music Ruhr” with event tips for the Saarland region and the Ruhr area in Germany.

  • Steel Panther Fans – (since 2012, official since 2016)

The first unofficial german fan page for the band Steel Panther. Since November 2016: Manager of the OFFICIAL Steel Panther  fan club  “FANTHERS WORLDWIDE”.

Priorities of editorial work: news, concert photography, reviews, reports and interviews. In addition: user care and support. Online and Social Media support (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr and much more).

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COMEBACKSTAGE: You have an official fan club which is run by a german lady. why nobody from the US?
MICHAEL: […] she’s been a fan of us for a long time and an advocate for our band and our brand. She went out of her way to do this on her own in the beginning because she loved the band and she followed every single move that we did. Like anybody that posted a picture she would somehow find it and put it on her timeline. And then she came up with a new logo for Fanthers…it was a no brainer for us to go to somebody that is…not only into the band but really good at their job. And I just got to see her last night. That’s cool. I’ve seen her like three or four shows already. And every time I see her at a show we take a picture together and then she posts it. (Interview bei COMEBACKSTAGE)

  • Leo Skull – Servants of Rock‘n‘Roll (2008 – 2012; since 2016)

Service provider (music industry) for online, Social Media and networking services.

Community-Management, Content-Management, Promotion, Online-Marketing and Social Media Management, Consulting, PR, Photography for several clients, especially for Bands and Labels like J.B.O., Götz Widmann, Lukas Loules, Heinz Ratz, Sandy Sahne.

Bands & Labels:

  • Steel Panther ( since 2016)

Fan Club Manager: Steel Panther Fans / – home of the OFFICIAL “FANTHERS WORLDWIDE” fan club.

Web- and online-promotion team of J.B.O., editorial care of the official J.B.O. homepage, fan page and fan club, texts for online-promotion and public relations for touring and publications, live photography.

Merchandising: concert- and online sales.

Besides working for J.B.O.: promotion and online activities for other bands of the label and the label itself. In addition to the free collaboration in the “virtual team”: Internship in the other areas of the company, especially booking and tour organization.

  • An Assfull Of Love (2011 – 2012)

Management, live photography, on- and offline promotion, street team organization.

Merchandising: concert- and online sales.

  • Mind The Gaep (2011 – 2013)

Management, live photography, on- and offline promotion, street team organization.

Merchandising: concert- and online sales.

  • Liedermaching (2002 – 2012)

Editorial work and user support.

  • Slick‘s Kitchen (2008 – 2011)

Online promotion, official homepage, social networking, management and offline promotion.

Merchandising: concert- and online sales.


Cover: J.B.O. - Biographie des Blödsinns

My photos and texts were published in different on- and offline media, for example, musix, Musiker Magazin, Metal Hammer Germany, Bass quarterly, Live Magazin Saar, daily newspapers, brochures, flyers and event magazines.

Book publication in collaboration with Carsten Dobschat: „J.B.O. – Biographie des Blödsinns“, official band biography (December 2011, publisher: Nicole Schmenk).